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Built in the 17th century, Château Loudenne is one of the oldest Crus Bourgeois properties.

Its history is inextricably linked with the British wine trade. Château Loudenne had many owners until 1875 when it was sold to two English brothers, Walter and Alfred Gilbey. The Gilbeys were influential wine and spirit merchants in London and producers of the gin of the same name. The wines of Loudenne prospered in the British trade and even survived two world wars. In March of 2000, the Château was bought by the Lafragette family who had established their reputation in the Cognac industry. In 2013, the estate was purchased by the Moutai group from the Guizhou province in southern China.

The house has heavily invested in its winemaking facility and hired Michel Rolland, a premier oenologist consultant. Since he was brought on, many new systems have been put into place to ensure the finest yields from the vineyards. Rolland manages every aspect of winemaking from the vineyard to the winery.

Château Loudenne, with its 154 acres of planted vineyards, prides itself on the quality of their terroir which slowly descends to the river's edge with excellent soils comprised of gravel, clay and limestone. While this area is known to be a cooler climate than the rest of the Médoc, the river tends to act as a mirror and reflects the warm sun onto the vineyards.

With all of these elements in place, Château Loudenne will continue to produce distinctive and elegant wines made from its estate vineyards that surround this historic "Suffolk pink" château.