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Originally built in the 17th century, Château Loudenne is one of the oldest Cru Bourgeois properties. The humble pink chateau sits on the banks of the Gironde where it is one of the first Châteaux to greet visitors who enter the Médoc from the Atlantic via the Gironde. When traveling by car you drive north from Paullic, through some of the small villages of the Médoc arriving at the long driveway which leads you to the Pink Château with its grand views of the river.

Geographically the Château is located on the last major gravel bank of the Haut Médoc with slopes that the lead down to the rivers edge. The close proximity to the river played out in the Château’s history as it was a major port for which all of the famous Bordeaux were shipped from before heading out to the Atlantic Ocean.

Originally the Château was more famed for its rights of port and for its British coined “Claret” wines which were bought from many surrounding vineyards and produced at the Château. However, today the house has heavily invested in their winemaking facility and in hiring one of the top oenologist consultants in the business. With the employment of famed oenologist advisor, Michel Rolland, many new systems have been put into place to ensure the finest yields from the vineyards. Rolland has supervised and managed every aspect of winemaking from the vineyard to the winery.

Château Loudenne, with its 154 acres of planted vineyards, prides itself on the quality of their terroir which slowly descends to the rivers edge with excellent soils comprised of gravel, clay and limestone. While this area is known to be a cooler climate than the rest of the Médoc, the river tends to act as a mirror and reflects the warm sun onto the vineyards.
With all of these elements in place, Château Loudenne will continue to produce distinctive and elegant wines made from their estate vineyards that surround this historic pink chateau.