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Chateau de Pez is one of the oldest houses in Saint-Estèphe dating back to the 15th century. In 1452, squire Jean de Briscos ruled the estate followed by the “noble man” Ducos in 1526. Later in 1585 Jean de Pontac took over the estate.
The Pontac family, who also created Haut-Brion, gave Chateau de Pez its vineyards. The property remained in the hands of descendants, the Marquis d’Aulède and Count de Fumel, Commander of the Provence of Guyenne until the French Revolution when the estate was sold as a property of the state. The Domaine then fell into the successive ownership of several families; Tarteiron, Balguerie, Lawton, du Vivier, Bernard, and Dousson. However, with the constant change of management the estate was not properly managed and was in need of repair.
In 1995, the property was purchased by Jean-Claude Rouzaud who immediately recognized the potential of this great estate. He employed Winemaker Philippe Moureau in 1996 who spent his childhood and career working in Bordeaux. Mr. Rouzaud spent many years restoring the property and its vineyards to its original splendour. Today, the Chateau has once again reached its glory and has recently been reclassified as a Crus Bourgeois Exceptionnel which will commence with the 2003 vintage.