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The Dach Vineyard

The Dach Vineyard encircles our winery from the surrounding hillsides. With its marine influence and northeast-southwest facing aspect, the land provides exceptional conditions for the cultivation of pinot noir and chardonnay. The vineyard has been planted with multiple Burgundian clones selected for their excellence, including La Tâche, DRC, Calera and Mt. Eden, contributing to the development of wines that are elegant and complex. Our pinot noir is sourced from just under 12 acres of hillside vineyard directly in front of and surrounding the winery.

The Dach Vineyard is farmed organically and biodynamically to create a diversified, balanced ecosystem within the vineyard. Beneficial insectary plants provide habitat for friendly insects like ladybugs, beetles, and bees, as well as hummingbirds that help control vineyard pests and support pollination. We use all natural compost preparations to restore soil and enhance fruit quality, and a variety of cover crops in rotation to benefit vineyard health and to suppress diseases and pests. Drainage systems capture and move groundwater to our dedicated reservoir where it is repurposed for irrigation purposes.

Assistant Vineyard Manager Jane Khoury leads the biodynamic program at Domaine Anderson, including the vineyard, an organic vegetable garden, and a honeybee colony.

In our fourth year of practicing biodynamics, we have seen how our vineyards have responded - the vines are vigorous, the fruit is well balanced, and the soil has an abundance of nutrition.
We recently received official certification as biodynamic growers. Our goal is to improve soil and plant structure that will yield higher quality grapes for our wine program.