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Winemaker: Séverine Beydon-Schlumberger

As the daughter of one of the leading wine producers of Alsace, France, Séverine Beydon-Schlumberger has a large commitment ahead of her. Last November, her father (Eric Beydon-Schlumberger) retired and passed the torch to Séverine along with the current management of her uncle, Alain Beydon-Schlumberger. Séverine’s enthusiastic and gracious nature will no doubt lead her to continue Domaines Schlumberger’s success as a top producer of world class wines from Alsace.

At the young age of 29 years old, Severine has acquired a diverse range of professional skills. Séverine earned her law degree at the University of Strasbourg and later took a position as a notary. With an interest in hotel management, she moved to London where she spent two years working as a receptionist. Later she moved to the bustling university town of Oxford to manage a restaurant. “Working in the service industry I learned about tolerance, customer service and became very open-minded” recalls Severine.

Today, she is “training” for her new role at Domaines Schlumberger and has been known to work the night shift during the long days of harvest. Séverine strongly believes that her success in her new position is closely linked with her efforts to understand every aspect of her family’s business. To further develop her knowledge of export markets, Severine will spend some time in the UK analyzing market trends and wine distribution.

So, if one visits the Grand Crus of Domains Schlumberger, do not be surprised if you see Séverine sorting the grapes during harvest or greeting you along the steep vineyard slopes.