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Ets. Jean-Pierre Moueix

Château Certan de May



Originally from Scotland, the DE MAY family moved to France in the Middle Age and were given, for their bravery, the "fief de Certan" by the King of France.

Located on the south-east part of the Pomerol plateau, the 14 acre vineyard produces wines with the power of the clay part (1/3 of the land) and the elegancy of the gravelly part (2/3 of the land). Run by the Barreau family, the vineyard is world famous.

Vinified under the advice of the renowned wine making consultant, Michel Rolland, the wine expresses the depth of this part of Pomerol along with the exoticism of modern wine making techniques.

Technical Information

Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon