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ANDREA FREEBOROUGH, cellarmaster at The Bergkelder, is committed towards quality excellence and is set on making sure that the successful winemaking team produces outstanding wines for both the premier Unfiltered as well as the regular Fleur du Cap ranges.

A trip to the Winelands at the tender age of 14 is what ultimately made this native of the Eastern Cape set her mind on pursuing a career in the wine industry, because at that time she wanted to do something totally different.

Today, Freeborough - ex winemaker of white wines at Nederburg with a string of awards in tow - is in charge of the entire working operation of The Bergkelder. Her day to day responsibilities in the cellar range from co-ordinating wine production, personnel management, development and implementation of business plans to managing budgets.

“For me, working in the wine industry is such a fulfilling career choice as no two days are ever the same in the cellar – each day brings new challenges. I am, however, in my new position a lot less involved in the hands-on activities of the winery,” said Freeborough.

When Andrea takes a break from her demanding schedule she enjoys reading and spending as much quality time as possible with her husband, Michael-John, and daughter, Leah-Jessica.

Personal Perspective:
“I firmly believe in having a minimalist approach to winemaking and allowing the grapes from specific sites to express the full potential of the terroir and particular grape variety. Further, one also has to keep consumer needs in mind and produce wines that entice both social wine lovers and connoisseurs.”