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Fleur du Cap



Cape Coastal region

The continued success of the Fleur du Cap range of wines is the result of a team approach at The Bergkelder that starts with meticulous vineyard selection and is driven by an overriding passion for winemaking and constant experimentation to create new generation of superior quality wines. The wines are shaped in perfect harmony with the forces of nature—Earth, Sun, Wind and Water—to capture the highly sought after qualities of varietal character and terroir.

Climate, soil, altitude and slope orientation are selected to capture as much varietal character as possible. The climate is mild with south and east facing slopes, offering natural protection against late afternoon sun. Cooling breezes from the Atlantic Ocean ensure rich, slow growing crops. Soils are predominantly medium textured and well-drained with good water holding capacity.

Food pairings
This wine is an ideal accompaniment to grilled lamb and poultry, spare ribs, pork roasts and game fish. It is perfect with classic Cape cuisine like Bobotie and Malay Curries, as well as spicy Mexican food.

Technical Information

Cape Coastal region
100% Pinotage