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La Poussie Sancerre Blanc


Sancerre, Loire Valley, France


Selective vinification after slow pressing, depending on the origin of the
must. Thermo-regulated fermentation. Raised on fine lees and blended after eight to ten months in the vats.

Tasting Notes

Crystal clear and green-gold in color. The wine’s intense aromas are remarkably clean and a perfect reflection of the clay and chalky soils of La Poussie. The initial aromas are flowery with broom, eglantine and acacia. Then fruity notes of peaches and apricot emerge, followed by a powerful and complex mineral component. On the palate, the wine has an initial freshness followed by a pleasant, fruity fullness. About midway through, it is delicate, supple and harmonious. The finish is clean and lingering.

Technical Information

Sancerre, Loire Valley, France
100% Sauvignon Blanc