Pio Cesare Barolo Chinato

Piemonte, Italy

Vintage:Non-Vintage (Current)

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Pio Cesare Barolo Chinato non-vintage


Wine & Spirits

91 Points

December 1, 2017, Stephanie Johnson

“Pio Cesare resumed production of Barolo Chinato in 2016 after a 60-year lapse, resuscitating the family recipe that had been safeguarded by Rosy Boffa, the founder’s granddaughter. It feels rich as Christmas cake, with heady aromas of mountain herbs and flavors of cinnamon, molasses and cardamom brightened by a spray of orange zest. Enjoy its warm flavors on a cold winter night alongside a dark chocolate dessert.”

The Wine Advocate

91 Points

June 30, 2017, Monica Larner

“The base of the NV Barolo Chinato is Barolo wine from the 2012 vintage. Following local tradition (and using a secret recipe passed down five or six generations at the Pio Cesare winery), the wine is infused with cloves, vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon and sugar. These family recipes are always left incomplete because local custom dictates that each family must keep a few ingredients secret. This is the perfect after-dinner drink with the alcohol and the medicinal flavors to wash the palate clean after a long meal. Barolo Chinato is said to kick-start the digestive process after dinner, although I'm not sure there is any science behind that claim. No matter: It tastes greats and makes for a refreshing conclusion to any evening.”


Since the beginning of Pio Cesare's history, the winery has produced limited quantities of Barolo Chinato and Vermouth, meticulously followingthe family recipe originally created by the founder. In the early 1950s, the winery decided to stop the production due to customers' changing tastes. They were increasingly focused on “liqueur” wines and vermouths with nontraditional flavors, less character and less respectful of each wine region’s terroir.

In recent years, discerning customers have begun to look for traditional character, strong personality and great individuality in aromatic wines and in wine-based aperitifs. As a result, Pio Cesare has decided to produce small amounts of Barolo Chinato and Vermouth. The winery follows the secret family recipe that has been safeguarded by the founder’s granddaughter.

Produced in small numbers, a limited quantity of Barolo Chinato and Vermouth is now destined for a select clientele in Italy and around the world. Pio Cesare is committed to bringing these great wines back again so that they can regain the acclaim they once had. 


An infusion of chinchona (China Calissaja and Succirubra barks) is macerated for 21 days in a small amount of the winery's classic Barolo. The recipe then calls for a mixture of aromatic herbs, such as gentian roots, rhubarb, cardamom seeds, sweet and bitter orange, cinnamon and others, which all together compose the family recipe. After several weeks aging, the right amount of Barolo is added. After a light fining, the infusion is aged for four months in oak barrels, bottled, and after an additional aging of at least two months, it finally becomes Pio Cesare Barolo Chinato.

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Varietals: Barolo

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