March 29, 2006

Delas Frères

Delas Frères

Delas Frères Acquires 18 Additional Hectares in Crozes Hermitage

Delas Frères* pursues its goal of constantly improving quality by consolidating and expanding its vineyard. Its Managing Director, Fabrice Rosset, has just acquired two vineyards within the Crozes Hermitage appellation. These lie within the area known as Les Chassis and contain respectively 6 hectares (15 acres) and 12 hectares (30 acres).

This new purchase brings the Delas vineyard holding to 30 hectares (74 acres). These are divided between 10 hectares of Hermitage, 2 of St. Joseph, and now 18 of Crozes Hermitage.

Delas Frères thus takes another step towards improving its control over the quality of its grape supplies, in particular thanks to the care taken in its own vineyards. This precision approach runs from vineyard through to wine-making. Complementary grapes from the Northern Rhône area are provided by contract purchases, as Delas vinifies wines from most of the top appellations here.

The reinforcement of the viticultural capital of Delas is part and parcel of its implication in the local economy, and of its strategy for quality-based future growth.


* Delas Frères is a traditional négociant firm of the Rhône Valley. Founded in 1835, it has been part of Champagne Deutz (Est. 1838 in Aÿ, France) since 1977.