November 16, 2007

Marqués de Murrieta

MMD USA: New Partnership with Marqués de Murrieta



OAKLAND, California., 11/16/2007 - Maisons Marques & Domaines USA Inc. (MMD), the US subsidiary of Champagne Louis Roederer, established in 1776 in Reims, France, is proud to announce that as of January 1st, 2008, it will be the sole US distributor of legendary Rioja’s wine estate Marqués de Murrieta and Galicia’s Pazo Barrantes.

Marqués de Murrieta is named after Luciano de Murrieta, who established the estate in 1852 in the world renowned Rioja region of Spain and was a founding father of modern Rioja winemaking. Today V. Dalmau Cebrián-Sagarriga Suárez-Llanos, Count of Creixell, leads the family-owned company, which has undertaken a 30+ million euro (approximately US $50 mil.) renovation and upgrade of its vineyards and historical landmark facilities in both Rioja and Galicia. The major reconstruction will namely include installation of state-of-the-art winemaking equipment, revamping the historical cellars and hospitality areas.

V. Dalmau remarks, “I am delighted to partner with MMD and the Rouzaud family [owners of Champagne Louis Roederer] because we share the same philosophy based on four main fundamentals: family-owned company – large vineyard ownership – blending of tradition and modernity and distinctive style of wines. Marqués de Murrieta is looking forward to a bright and long lasting future in the USA with our new strategic partners at MMD.”

Gregory Balogh, President of Maisons Marques & Domaines, states, “Spain has many prestigious wine estates, especially from Rioja. Marqués de Murrieta produces outstanding wines from the region and is a natural complement to the rest of our portfolio. We are delighted to welcome Marqués de Murrieta and Pazo Barrantes to our family of wines.”

Marqués de Murrieta distinguishes itself as one of the few Spanish wineries that only utilizes estate-grown grapes from its 300-hectare Ygay (pronounced “e-Guy”) Estate (See Marqués de Murrieta’s website,, Ygay tab, “location”). The vineyards’ rich soil and location in the southernmost part of Rioja Alta — which tends to be warmer than neighboring Rioja sub-regions — along with the ability to control quality throughout the winemaking process allow Marqués de Murrieta to produce groundbreaking and unique Spanish wines. The Rioja region of north-central Spain historically has been the most important red wine region in the country and in 1991 became the first Denominación de Origen Calificada in Spain. (See the Rioja control board’s website, ). Marqués de Murrieta produces also a high-end white wine (exclusively made of Albariño grapes) in Galicia: Pazo Barrantes, in the small appellation of Rias Baixas. Pazo (or Palace) de Barrantes is the historical landmark and cradle of the Counts of Creixell since 1511, ancestors of V. Dalmau Cebrian -Sagarriga, current President of Marqués de Murrieta.


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