Château Certan de May estate cement sign
Château Certan de May estate cement sign


The estate‘s name has origins from the founding family, de May, who lived in France since the Middle Ages and was installed in Pomerol at the end of the 16th century. Archives state the family by royal ordinance became masters of the fief of Certan, or Sertan, making this the oldest vignoble of the district. The French Revolution led to the division of the domain, leaving the de May family with a small parcel of the original property, then called Petit-Certan.


After the death of the last de May in 1925 the estate came to the Barreau-Badar family, the present day owners. It is currently managed by Jean-Luc Barreau.


Vinified under the advice of the renowned winemaking consultant, Michel Rolland, the wine expresses the depth of this part of Pomerol, along with the exoticism of modern winemaking techniques.