Delas Frères harvest
Delas Frères harvest


The winery was founded in 1835 when Charles Audibert and Philippe Delas bought Maisons Junique, a 40-year-old winery which they renamed Audibert & Delas. The house's reputation spread quickly worldwide as the winery brought home numerous awards from international competitions —  notably a gold medal at Sydney in 1879.

Philippe Delas had two sons, Henri and Florentin. The latter married the daughter of Charles Audibert, further strengthening the bond between the two families. In 1924, the brothers succeeded to the founders and changed the name of the house to Delas Frères.

After World War II, under Florentin's son Jean and thanks to the widespread apreciation of French wines, the house experienced rapid growth. Jean visited new export markets following the brilliant success of Philippe Delas and Charles Audibert. To ensure a regular supply of the highest quality grapes to satisfy the growing demand, he extended the family holdings by purchasing a vineyard in Châteauneuf-du-Pape and enlarging the Hermitage vineyards.

When Jean's son Michel took control of Delas Frères in 1960, the winery had become one of the major houses in the northern Rhône, where it owned and controlled prestigious vineyards in Hermitage, Cornas, Côte Rôtie, and Condrieu.

Applying stringent marketing policies, Michel Delas sold only products of unfailing excellence. His qualitative intransigence and commercial dynamism did not come without a price, and the firm found it required an immediate injection of capital. Michel approached another famous name in the wine world, Champagne Deutz. In 1977, André Lallier-Deutz, great-great-grandson of William Deutz, merged the two companies.

In 1981, the house moved to its current premises in Saint-Jean-de-Muzols, a small village located two kilometers north of Tournon. The winery building, set amidst the vineyards of the St. Joseph appellation, covers more than 3000 square meters.

With a new team full of enthusiasm, determination, and dedication to long-term quality and continuity, Delas Frères is a winery to follow now and in the future.


Jacques Grange, Delas Freres winemaker
Jacques Grange, Delas Freres winemaker


Jacques Grange joined Delas Freres as winemaker on June 2, 1997. Grange holds a degree in oenology from the University of Dijon and has extensive winemaking experience, including a four-year stint at Chapoutier working directly with Michel Chapoutier from 1991 to 1994. 

Grange has worked with Jean-Luc Colombo, one of the Rhône’s most respected oenology consultants. In this position, he worked closely with nearly all of the Rhône’s wine estates, including Vernay, Domaine de La Janasse, Cuilleron and Château Fortia. In addition to a deep knowledge of the region’s diverse vineyards and microclimates, Grange has developed strong connections with the people of the Rhône Valley through his work.