Roederer Estate winemaker Arnaud Weyrich
Roederer Estate winemaker Arnaud Weyrich


Arnaud Weyrich began his career at Roederer Estate as an intern after he graduated in 1993 from the prestigious Montpellier school, "Ecole Supérieure d’Oenologie" with a Master of Science in Viticulture and Enology.

With a strong background in both viticulture and enology, Arnaud put his education to work during his internship. This experience was the start of a great relationship with Maison Louis Roederer as Arnaud Weyrich later returned to the company and today holds the title of Winemaker and Vice President of Production.

After completing his internship, Arnaud moved back to France to be with his fiancée. This move also included a position with a large multinational retail company where he managed all quality control issues for the beverages under the company’s private label mainly focusing on fruit juices, champagnes, port wines, and spirits.

With his passion for the wine industry and an interest in moving back to a smaller company, Arnaud happily returned to Roederer Estate in 2000 with his wife and two children. As Assistant Winemaker, he supervised all winemaking operations while respecting the 200-year old traditional winemaking techniques so important to the house style of Champagne Louis Roederer.

With a strong and diverse background in all winemaking techniques from the traditional to the more modern methods, Arnaud then moved to Reims where he was the Chief Technical Officer in charge of Development for Champagne Louis Roederer for over a year.

When the opportunity arose, Arnaud moved his family back to Roederer Estate and has since managed the winery in all aspects, from the vineyard to the day-to-day business. When Arnaud is not in the lab or working the vineyards, he can be found on the tennis courts or with his two sons on the ski slopes. Arnaud and his family reside in a house on the Roederer Estate property where he can keep a close eye on the vineyards.