Pio Boffa, Federica and Cesare
Pio Boffa, Federica and Cesare


Pio Cesare, founder
Pio Cesare, founder

Pio Cesare has been producing wines for more than 100 years and through generations. The tradition began in 1881, when Pio Cesare started gathering grapes in his vineyards and purchasing those of some selected and reliable farmers in the hills of Barolo and Barbaresco districts.


Today, the estate is managed by Pio Boffa, great-grandson of Pio Cesare. Under his stewardship, the wines of Pio Cesare have become famous throughout the world. Great strides have been made in quality, and single vineyard offerings have dazzled the wine press.


Pio Boffa
Pio Boffa


Pio Boffa is the fourth generation winemaker of Pio Cesare. The family began cultivating grapes in 1881 and has always insisted upon the best quality wines made from the best quality grapes. Today the Pio Cesare estate is managed by great grandson, Pio Boffa, who has brought the wines to a famous stature throughout the world.

Pio Boffa was born in Alba on December 13th 1954. He is the son of Mrs. Rosy Pio Boffa, the granddaughter of Cesare Pio, who founded PIO CESARE Winery in 1881.

After high school, Pio went to Turin where he attended the University of “Economia e Commercio” (Business and Administration studies).

Having been “born into the Winery”, it was natural for Pio to be fascinated by every aspect of the wine production, from the vineyards to the bottles. He spent his spare time following his grandfather Giuseppe Pio and his father Giuseppe Boffa and learning their “secrets”.

This curiosity and love, for innovation in respect of tradition, moved Pio to visit the different great wine areas in France and in the former new areas, like California and Australia. In 1972 he had 3 months of training at Robert Mondavi Winery in California, working together with the Mondavi family in the cellar, one of the experiences that affected him the most.

Pio continued studying but dedicated more and more time to working in the winery with his father Giuseppe and his mother Rosy, and in a short time became totally involved in the company. He introduced the typical wines of our area (Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbera, Dolcetto, Moscato and Gavi), and also more modern wines such as Piodilei Chardonnay, Ornato Barolo, Il Bricco Barbaresco and Fides Barbera d’Alba.

Pio is married to Nicoletta and he has a daughter, Federica Rosy.