Château Loudenne vineyards
Château Loudenne vineyards

Vineyard Overview

“There is no great vineyard which does not overlook the river...”

Château Loudenne, with its 154 acres of planted vineyards, prides itself on the quality of the terroir which slowly descend to the river's edge with excellent soils comprised of gravel, clay and limestone. While this area is known to be a cooler climate than the rest of the Médoc, the river tends to act as a mirror and reflects the warm sun onto the vineyards. Loudenne also benefits from ocean breezes that create a favorable microclimate for the maturation of the grape: the flavor is concentrated through evaporation and mild humidity.

Most of the red grape vines are between 30 and 40 years old.

With all of these elements in place, Château Loudenne will continue to produce distinctive and elegant wines made from their estate vineyards that surround this historic "Suffolk pink" château.