Delas Frères Ventoux

Rhône, France

Vintage:2021 (Past)

2022 (Current)

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Delas Frères Ventoux 2021


Stretching out along the left bank of the Rhône river, around the limestone outcrop of the Mount Ventoux, the appellation covers an area of 15,808 acres. It shares the same pedological, climactic features, and the same grape varieties as the neighboring Côtes-du-Rhône vineyards. The Ventoux is a blend of wines essentially produced on the communes of Mazan and Goult, in the heart of the Ventoux appellation.


The Grenache grapes undergo traditional winemaking in stainless steel vats. Daily pumping over allows gentle extraction of phenolic components. The syrah is sometimes not de-stemmed in order to fully express the power of the fruit aromas from this variety. After malolactic fermentation, the wines are blended before going into stainless steel vats in the temperature-controlled winery. They are bottled after six to eight months.

Tasting Notes

The color is a deep ruby red, showing garnet reflections while young. With its predominantly berry-fruit bouquet, this wine shows the full aromatic power of these two fine grape varieties whilst retaining the freshness imparted by well-controlled winemaking.

Food Pairing

The Ventoux pairs well with Provençale stews, cold cuts, grilled meats and wild fowl.

Technical Information

Varietals: Grenache 80%, Syrah 20%

Wine Alcohol: 13.5%