Livio Felluga Friulano DOC

Friuli Colli Orientali, Italy

Vintage:2022 (Current)

2021 (Past) |

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Livio Felluga Friulano DOC 2022
  • JS 92

Reviews 92 Points August 10, 2023, James Suckling

“Subtle and refined on both the nose and palate with peach pie and mineral with hints of nutmeg. Medium body. Round and creamy. Spicy at the end. Drink now. Screw cap.”


Livio Felluga moved to Friuli in the late 1930s and made his home on the gentle foothills of Rosazzo. Convinced that only a rebirth of quality farming could bring the Friuli countryside back to life, he began to renovate the old vineyards of Rosazzo and plant new ones, introducing innovative ideas and methods. The focus on quality and respect for the vineyard once embodied by Livio Felluga himself have been proudly carried out by the family over the years.

Known today as Friulano, it‘s Friuli‘s traditional wine with lots of personality and typicity. Well-structured, with harmonious, fruit-led complexity, the palate signs off with a characteristic after-aroma of bitter almonds.


The Livio Felluga Friulano vines are mainly Guyot-trained and have their roots in the Ponca soil (Cormòns flysch in technical terms), which is composed of marl and sandstone of Eocene origin, stratified under the sea over the millennia, lending our wines a unique tanginess and minerality. The grapes are carefully destemmed and left to macerate for a short period. Next, the fruit is soft crushed. The must obtained is then allowed to settle. The must ferments in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks. After fermentation, the wine settles on the lees in the stainless steel containers for six months. The bottled wine is aged in temperature-controlled binning cellars for a minimum of two months.

Tasting Notes

The nose is piquant and complex, fruity and floral. Hints of ginger and medicinal herbs alongside citrus fruit, quince, nectarines and dried papaya. Prominent floral notes of calla lilies and broom, and a pronounced minerally finish. The palate is smooth and stylish, with generous, mouth-filling fruity sensations nicely lingering to the finish, rich in citrus notes and a pleasing echo of mineral hints.

Harvest Notes

The harvest took place during the month of September. The healthy and perfectly ripe grapes were hand-picked in small crates, to preserve the integrity of the fruit. After gentle destemming the fruit was left to macerate for a short period, then softly crushed, and the must obtained was clarified by decantation. Temperature-controlled fermentation followed in stainless steel vats. At the end of fermentation, the wine was kept on the lees for a few months to increase its complexity, creamy texture and suitability for ageing. Once bottled, it matured in temperature-controlled rooms.

Food Pairing

Traditionally enjoyed as an aperitif in Friuli, this wine is a great match with prosciutto crudo, salami and other sliced meats. It also pairs beautifully with fish dishes and fresh and fatty cheeses. Best served between 54°F and 57°F. 

Technical Information

Varietals: 100% Friulano

Wine Alcohol: 13.5%