Abbazia di Rosazzo abbey
Abbazia di Rosazzo abbey

Mapping a region

Founder Livio Felluga was accredited with innovating and mastering modern winemaking in Italy. Back from WWII, he sealed a deep bond with the hillsides of Friuli by reviving the vineyards of Rosazzo, later establishing him as “the patriarch of the wines of Friuli.”

In 1956, when Livio anticipated an implementation of appellation of origin, he chose an ancient map of the area to create an iconic label to tell the world the story of his wines. Pioneering vision, deep knowledge, respect for the vineyards, and obsession with quality, once embodied by Livio Felluga himself, have been proudly carried out by the company over the years. 

Today, the family-owned winery is led by Livio’s son, Andrea Felluga. Known for producing lush, crisp and well-balanced wines, the winery’s reputation extends well beyond the region of Friuli and its wines are recognized in a class with the most esteemed producers from around the world.

“My family has now been making wine for five generations. In fact, it would be fair to say that wine has always put bread on our table. The Felluga story started in Istria, which was then still part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. It was there that my great-grandfather, a farmer, and my grandfather, a vine grower, made Refosco and Malvasia. We had vineyards and a small trattoria at Isola d’Istria. Then one day my father decided to branch out. In 1920, he sent his son, my father Giovanni, to manage the family wine trade in nearby Grado, the delightful seaside resort of the Hapsburg aristocracy. I was a youngster, and the eldest child in what would become a large family. Helping my father, and growing up among the wines and the bottles, I acquired skills and experience.” 

- Livio Felluga