Livio Felluga Friulano Sigar DOC

Friuli Colli Orientali, Italy

Vintage:2019 (Current)

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Livio Felluga Friulano Sigar DOC 2019
  • JS 93
  • JR 16/20


16/20 Points

October 1, 2022, Walter Speller

“Brilliant straw yellow. A surprisingly piercing nose with more than a hint of gooseberry, but more perfumed with aeration. Blind, I would have guessed it was Sauvignon Blanc, but unfolding more personality on the palate with grassy citrus fruit and bitter almond on the finish. Clean and a little technical but not devoid of pleasure.”

93 Points

June 23, 2022, James Suckling

“Extremely exotic, with peach-pie and cooked-apple character. Lemony undertones, as well as some honeysuckle and honey. Layered and flavorful. New single-vineyard wine from here. Drink now.”


Livio Felluga moved to Friuli in the late 1930s and made his home on the gentle foothills of Rosazzo. Convinced that only a rebirth of quality farming could bring the Friuli countryside back to life, he began to renovate the old vineyards of Rosazzo and plant new ones, introducing innovative ideas and methods. The focus on quality and respect for the vineyard once embodied by Livio Felluga himself have been proudly carried out by the family over the years. Today, the 500-acre winery is led by Livio’s son, Andrea Felluga, who is committed to continue the family legacy by producing wines of distinction for years to come.

The grapes used in smooth, elegant Sigar are both botanical and fruity in spirit: when perfectly ripe they lead us into the cool welcoming atmosphere of a Mediterranean garden. From the Ancient Belvedere, looking towards the Strada del Sole, you can see glimpses of the vines planted in 1963. This is a mass selection, whose origins are lost to us, its roots thrust into the flysch di Cormòns, the typical soil of this area, known as ponca in Friulan dialect. The bunches are medium-sized and fairly sparse. These vines have witnessed the recent history of our land and today they have an authentic story to tell of Friuli and its hills. 


The handpicked grapes, placed in small crates, were destemmed and left to undergo maceration on the skins for a few hours. The wine was racked into 7-hectolitre terracotta jars towards the end of alcoholic fermentation, to permit proper temperature control. Malolactic fermentation took place over three weeks. Keeping the wine on the yeasts contributed to its creamy texture, and ageing in terracotta enhanced its minerally qualities.

Tasting Notes

Lustrous yellow in the glass with captivating greenish hues. On the nose, the elegant portrait of an authentic friulano. Developing aromas of almond blossom and candied citrus peel blend nicely with floral notes of freesia, wisteria and thyme. Abate pears and Golden Delicious apples appear alongside breezy hints of freshly mown grass and rosemary. Intriguing hints of desiccated coconut and sweet spices like saffron and ginger are released in the glass. A refreshing, mouth-watering entry and satisfying, smooth flavor with a lively supporting tartness. Velvety and beautifully put together, with fresh, complex impetus imprinting a tangy moreish flavor.

Food Pairing

An astonishing wine to enjoy with raw clams; linguine with sea urchin; risotto with salicornia and peverasse clams; cuttlefish with puréed peas, lemon and botargo; boreto alla graesana, a fish stew, with eels; as well as San Daniele prosciutto; chicken marinated in yoghurt and masala; duck à l’orange; or polpette with kale chips.

Technical Information

Varietals: 100% Friulano