Ramos Pinto Quinta de Ervamoira Vintage

Douro, Portugal

Vintage:2020 (Current)

2009 (Past) | 2017 (Past) |

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Ramos Pinto Quinta de Ervamoira Vintage 2020


Ramos Pinto was founded in 1880 and, for several decades, its history has been marked by a balance between innovation and respect for tradition. In addition to producing wines of exceptional quality, the House is known for its knowledge of terroir and for its pioneering viticulture. Through its strict production policy, the selection of the best Douro grape varieties and the systematic technical and technological research, the House is positioned as the reference for the production of superior quality wines in Portugal. 

Committed to improving its bond with nature and the environment, Ramos Pinto is working towards this achievement by implementing organic farming and increasing biodiversity in the vineyard. This is a legacy which the House is proud to leave to future generations. 

Quinta de Ervamoira, located in the Douro Superior on the left bank of the River Douro and in the heart of the Côa Archaeological Park, is Ramos Pinto's most historical and well-preserved vineyard site. Today, 240 acres of vines are planted vertically, a departure from the traditional horizontally terraced rows, which allows for less fruit per plant but more concentrated fruit flavors.

Vintage Quinta de Ervamoira is a single-quinta Port that is only released in exceptional years. 


After a careful selection of the Quinta de Ervamoira plots, the grapes are fermented in granite lagares where they are crushed by foot. Fermentation lasts between four to five days and produces an excellent extraction.

Tasting Notes

Deep and opaque in color. Very intense fruit aromas of raspberry and wild berries, a slight floral note of violets and a touch of fresh mint. In the mouth it is very structured, complex, with unusually silky and fresh tannins, combined with layers of fruit and a remarkable freshness. Silky and aromatic on the finish. The Quinta de Ervamoira 2020 Vintage Port is a concentrated, intense and elegant wine.

Harvest Notes

In the Douro region, the 2019-2020 growing season was mild and rainfall was 30% higher than the previous year, however this was mainly concentrated in December and April. All stages of the vegetative cycle were recorded considerably earlier. The high temperatures recorded hastened the harvest, which took place at an accelerated pace. The end of August brought rain, further accelerating maturation and, consequently, the harvest.

Overall, it was an early, compact and small harvest, but with excellent quality wines, very concentrated, silky tannins and a freshness that are normally only seen in cooler years.

Food Pairing

After dinner, it goes well with the cheeses from the serra and other full cream cheeses. Serve between 18º and 22ºC.

Technical Information

Varietals: 74% Touriga Nacional, 16% Touriga Franca, 8% Sousão, 2%Tinto Cão

Wine Alcohol: 19.44%

Residual Sugar: 82 g/L