Ramos Pinto Tawny Port

Douro, Portugal

Vintage:Non-Vintage (Current)

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Ramos Pinto Tawny Port non-vintage


Ramos Pinto was founded in 1880 and, for several decades, its history has been marked by a balance between innovation and respect for tradition. In addition to producing wines of exceptional quality, the House is known for its knowledge of terroir and for its pioneering viticulture. Through its strict production policy, the selection of the best Douro grape varieties and the systematic technical and technological research, the House is positioned as the reference for the production of superior quality wines in Portugal. 

Committed to improving its bond with nature and the environment, Ramos Pinto is working towards this achievement by implementing organic farming and increasing biodiversity in the vineyard. This is a legacy which the House is proud to leave to future generations. 


Tawny port is characterized by its golden amber color with aromas of nuts which, with age, are refined, gaining complexity, elegance and finesse. Tawnies are made with blends of various years peacefully aged in 650 liter casks. Once bottled they are ready for drinking.

The Ramos Pinto Tawny is a three to five-year-old blend obtained by blending wines with different degrees of maturity brought about by the aging process in barrels and hogshead casks.

Tasting Notes

This is a tawny red with a topaz meniscus. The first aroma gives the impression of buoyancy and develops into a great smoothness acquired from having been matured in wood. In the mouth, it feels light, warm and very soft as a result of its ageing. This adolescent Port is mature and fruity, with a complex and delicate character. Its finish is perfectly balanced, giving it some delicateness.

Food Pairing

Due to its characteristics as an open wine, the Tawny Port should be drunk in a warm environment. It can be served as an aperitif or with melon, tomatoes filled with fresh cheese and smoked salmon, desserts that are not overly sweet or with cheeses. Serve between 16º and 18º C. Store the bottle upright, in a cool, dry and dark place.

Technical Information

Varietals: Tinta Roriz and Tinto Cão

Wine Alcohol: 19.5%

Titratable Acidity: 3.75 g/l

pH: 3.6

Residual Sugar: 101.9 g/l